How to create a new online Description of Assignment

Author: Kevin Schmidt

Updated: 3 years ago

How to create a new online description of assignment (DoA)

This is a step-by-step guide to create a new online DoA, entering necessary information and submitting it for review and approval by UNV for the engagement of Online Volunteers.

First, log in

Click the 'DoAs' tab

List of all active DoAs

Here, you can see all the DoAs belonging to your Host Entity, and that are currently active.

Active in this case means either being created, reviewed, actively selecting or even serving.

It is currently empty, as we have not created any yet.

Click 'New Description of Assignment'

This will start the process for creating an online Description of Assignment (DoA).

Description of Assignment creation form

Here you see the online DoA form. You will need to fill out the details of assignment/s for the Online Volunteer engagement.

Online Volunteer assignment criteria

Before we start, please note that you cannot ask Online Volunteers to support you on-site and in full-, part-time or ad-hoc like arrangements.

Furthermore, Online Volunteers must never be requested to make donations in-kind or financial contributions or to solicit donations from third parties or be asked to supervise/manage anyone.

For more information, please see our Online Volunteer criteria before you start creating the online DoA.

Choose type of DoA

For the engagement of Online Volunteers, choose 'Online'.

This step only applies to UN Host Entity accounts, for all other organizations 'Online' is automatically selected.

Choose the form type

Here you can choose between an empty DoA form or a pre-populated template.

Type DoA title

The DoA title should be a summary of the task and must not contain any reference to a job or position title. Ideally it starts with the verb of the task requested.

Please note that the title will later be shown on issued certificates.

Mission and objectives

This field is automatically filled with the information you provided during the Host Entity account creation. This will provide candidates with background information on your Host Entity.

Type task description

In this field please provide a clear description of the task and a pre-defined and measurable deliverable. If you request multiple Online Volunteers, it must be explained how the task will be distributed among the Online Volunteers.

Select assignment duration

Here you choose how long you ask the Online Volunteer/s to support you. Please note that you can only ask for support for up to 12 weeks.

Choose weekly engagement

Here you choose the hours per week you ask Online Volunteers to support you. Please note that they can only support you for up to 20 hours per week.

Type assignment context

Please provide more information on the background of this assignment, for instance, why do you request support. It must also contain information on how this task will support you and your organization in contributing to sustainable human development.