How to create a new non-UN host entity account

Author: Kevin Schmidt

Updated: 2 years ago

How to create a non-UN host entity account

This is a step-by-step guide for non-UN organizations such as government and public insitutions and civil society organizations to create an account in UVP. With this account you can engage and manage Online Volunteers.

First, click here

This takes you to the sign up page.

Click 'sign up now'

This will start the sign up process.

Enter your official email address

It's really important you use your organization's official email address.

You will be the 'account owner'. You can switch this role with another user later, if needed.

Click 'Send verification code'

This sends an email to your email address with a code to copy and paste.

Enter the code

Paste or type the code you received via your email here.

Click 'Verify code'

Type your password

Create your password for UVP.

Confirm your password

Type the same password again to confirm it.

Type your first name

Type your last name

Enter your date of birth

Enter your gender

Confirm you accept the terms of use and privacy policy

To confirm you accept, tick the box.

Click 'Create'

Choose 'I'm an entity'

This is really important. You must choose I'm an entity to be able to engage Online Volunteers.

Click 'Continue'