HE end contract

Author: Manfred Klee

Updated: 2 years ago

Welcome! This guide will take you through the steps to confirm that a contract will end when it reaches its expected end date, and will not be extended. 

The Confirm end of assignment of extend contract task will appear 3 months before the contract is expected to end. 

Additional reminders are shown 2 and 1 month before the expected end date.

Your host entity will also be informed via email.

This description give you an overview of the next steps to be taken. 

Click on Complete to continue. 

You will be taken to the Assignment details page.

Confirm that you are looking at the correct assignment you will be taking action on. You may have several contracts reaching their end date.

These 2 options will show up for assignments approaching their end date.PreviousNext

If the contract will not be extended beyond its current expected end date, click on End assignment. 

Click on Next. 

And then on Complete. 

This will confirm that the contract will not be extended and the end of assignment process will be triggered.