HE extend contract

Author: Manfred Klee

Updated: 3 years ago

Welcome! Through this guide we will take you through the steps to either end or extend a contract approaching its end date. 

This task, called Confirm end of assigment or extend contract will appear 3 months before the assignment is expected to end. 

You will receive additional reminders 2 and 1 month before the expected end date.

Additionally, this will also be communicated via email.

Click on it to proceed!

The Description field gives a brief explanation of the steps to take. 

Click here to proceed. 

You will be taken to the Assignment details page. 

Confirm that you are looking at the correct assignment you will be taking action on. You may have several contracts reaching their end date.

These 2 options will show up for assignments approaching their end date. 

Extend assignment will take you to the contract extension form. 

It has the same function as this related action, which is available at all times to you. 

Clicking on extend contract will take you to this form. 

Here you need to verify that you are looking at the correct UN Volunteer before taking action.

Information that is greyed out cannot be modified. Action is needed in the fields of duration of the extension, which can be entered in months, or by selecting an end date. 

Here you can enter the duration of the extension in months.