HE Review submitted candidate and record assessment

Author: Manfred Klee

Updated: 3 years ago

Welcome to the Review submitted candidate and record assessment guide for Host Entities

We'll take you through the steps to view a submitted candidate's profile, application and then record the results of their assessment.

This task will appear for each candidate submitted to your Host Entity for review

Click on the task name to continue.

Use the filters to narrow down your search!

Now click on the task you wish to complete

Click on Complete to go to the Assignment and continue the process

You are now in the Description of Assignment page

From here, you can look at the DoA itself by clicking on the Description tab, or look at the submitted candidates by clicking on the Candidates tab.

the Description tab will take you to the DoA created by your host entity

The Candidates tab will show the candidates submitted to you for review, by UNV

This menu allows you to perform different actions

Cancel entire DoA will cancel the assignment completely, stopping all recruitment processes. This cannot be undone!

Duplicate description of assignment will copy the basic information of the DoA you are currently viewing and create a new DoA based on that. You can make any changes needed on the new DoA that are necessary.

And View recruitment clearances shows you which clearances were set as requirements for the selection of a candidate for this specific assignment.

Even though this says you have no pending tasks, you still need to review your candidate!

Click here to open the menu from which you can look at the candidates application, their profile.