HE update funding information

Author: Manfred Klee

Updated: 3 years ago

Welcome! Through this guide we will take you through the process to update the funding information of an assignment with a serving UN Volunteer. 

Start by clicking on the Assignments tab.

Select the assignment for which you wish to update the funding information. 

Verify that you are in the correct assignment by looking at the information here. 

If this is the assignment you need to update the funding information for, click here. 

Here you will find a similar form to the one found when a new DoA is created. 

This field contains the current chart of accounts. 

Click here to add the new funding information. 

Enter the new chart of accounts information. 

The important difference in this form after entering the new chart of accounts, is to enter the new effective date. 

On the date entered here, the new chart of accounts will kick in and start funding the assignment.

Save by clicking on Add funding information. 

The new chart of accounts is now stored here and will start funding the assignment on the designated date.