host entity EOA confirmation mobi user

Author: Trainer L

Updated: 2 years ago

Completing a host entity end of assignment confirmation

This guide is for mobilization users who are completing an end of assignment confirmation on behalf of the host entity.

Let's get started!

Click on the dashboard task

If you're on the dashboard, click the 'host entity end of assignment confirmation' to begin.

Information panel

The information panel show you everything about the task and provides links to the candidate profile, assignment, DOA and host entity.

Click complete

This takes you to the assignment details page to complete the task.

The UN Volunteer checklist

Here on the assignment details page you can view the checklist completed by the UN Volunteer in the previous step.

Let's do that before we go to the new task.

First, scroll down the page until you see the checklist

Volunteer's checklist

Click this text to view the checklist and host entity checkout document

Volunteer checklist

Here you can see all the answers the UN Volunteer gave on their checklist and the date they completed the task.

Host entity checkout form

Here you can download and view the document uploaded by the UN Volunteer as evidence and clearance by the host entity.

You need to be satisfied that the UN Volunteer has met the requirements of the host entity before completing the next step.