How to select Online Volunteers

Author: Kevin Schmidt

Updated: 2 years ago

Review candidates' applications

This step-by-step guide will take you through the process of reviewing candidates' profiles and applications, as well as shortlisting and selecting them so you can start your online collaboration.

'Review applied candidates' task

This task will appear when candidates started applying to your Host Entities' online Description of Assignment (DoA).

Click on the task name to continue.

Use filters

You can use the filters to narrow down your search. This is especially helpful when your Host Entity has several ongoing or completed Online Volunteer assignments.

Click 'Review applied candidates'

Now, click this task to start the selection process.

Task information

This field provides more information about the task. In the bottom you can find a detailed explanation.

Click 'Complete'

This will take you to the next page to start the selection process.

Description of Assignment (DoA) page

First, you will see the online DoA page that provides you information about the DoA your Host Entity had created and to which candidates applied to.

Click 'Description

By clicking the 'Description' tab, you will see detailed information about the online DoA that was provided by your Host Entity during the DoA creation process.

Click 'Candidates'

Clicking the 'Candidates' tab will show you the list of all candidates that applied to your online DoA.

Please note that candidates' applications are not pre-screened by UNV.

Related actions

Under 'Related actions' you can perform different actions affecting the DoA:

'Cancel entire DoA' will cancel the assignment completely, stopping all selection processes. This cannot be undone!

'Duplicate description of assignment' will copy the basic information of the DoA you are currently viewing and create a new DoA based on that. You can make any changes needed on the new DoA that are necessary.

Click 'Applied'

Under 'Candidates', click the 'Applied' tab to see all candidates who applied to your online DoA. In the list you will see candidates' basic information.

Choose information columns

Use this list to choose the information columns you would like to see in the list. By adding a column you will see the corresponding information of all candidates displayed.

Check 'AI score'

UVP's 'longlist' pre-ranks candidates based an AI algorithm taking into account your requirements and information as well as the candidates' profiles.

The better a candidate matches your requirements the higher the AI score.

Click the 'three-dot' menu

The 'three-dot' menu provides you with more options as well as actions needed for the selection process.

Click 'View application'

Clicking 'View application' opens a window with more information.