Update Profile, Password and Email

Author: Manfred Klee

Updated: 2 years ago

This guide will take you through the steps to update your personal information, including professional and academic entries. 

Start by clicking on your profile icon. 

In the middle you will find the information you entered when you created your profile. 

Scroll down to reach the other areas of your profile.

On the right, you will find further areas, which become relevant once you are selected for an assignment. 

However, to edit your profile, you need to click here. 

You can update your information profile by going through the form. 

However, entries that are greyed out, cannot be changed here.
Email address can be changed by using the Change Email function, which will be shown next.

Save your changes by clicking on submit!

This function allows you to change your password. 

Enter your new password in each field. 

And click on submit to save the new password. 

However, if you wish to change the email address you use to log into UVP, please use this separate process. 

Enter your new email address and click on Generate Code.