Reference check process

Author: Trainer L

Updated: 2 years ago

Reference check feature in UVP

This guide shows the reference check process step-by-step.

First navigate to the assignment detail

You can get here using the 'confirm selection and issue offer' task, by using filters or by entering the Assignment ID directly in the URL.

Click, request reference check

Or 'not applicable' if no reference check is required.

Click 'Next'

Click 'Next' again

Then click 'Complete'

This sends the reference check form to the referee's in the candidate's profile.

Referee email

The referee receives an email with a link to the reference check form in UVP.

Reference check form

The referee is taken to the form in UVP. They complete the information and click submit to send back to UNV.

*An early version of the form is shown in this guide.


The referee sees a screen with a message "Thank you. Your feedback has been submitted to UNV."