Reset a password

Author: Trainer L

Updated: 2 years ago

Resetting your password

This guide shows you how to reset your password in UVP.

Click 'Login or sign up'

This will take you to the login screen.

Click 'Forgot your password?'

Type your email address

This is the email address you used to create your UVP account.

Users who created an account in VMAM or the Online Volunteering Platform and have not logged in to UVP should use the address registered with these platforms.

Click 'Send verification code'

This sends a code to the address entered above.

Check your inbox for an email with subject 'United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Login account email verification code'.

Check your spam folder if you can't see the email in your inbox.

Copy the code

The email will have a numeric code. Copy this code.