Completing a TRIP security clearance

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Updated: a year ago

Completing a TRIP security clearance

All International UN Volunteers are required to obtain a security clearance from the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) before they travel to their duty station.

To do this you need to register with UNDSS and request a clearance through the Travel Request Information Processing (TRIP) system.

This is a two stage process

1. Registration with UNDSS - can be done at any time

2. Request security clearance - to be done only when your travel itinerary is finalised

Your temporary UN email address

Access to TRIP is restricted to holders of an official UN email address.

To allow you to register before your departure, we have created an email address for you to use.

The only function of this email address is to forward emails from TRIP to your UVP-registered email.

This allows you to access the TRIP system before departure only. Do not use this email address for any other purpose.

Let's see how to find this address in UVP.

Click the profile icon

Your temporary email address...

is here on your profile. You'll need this to register in TRIP.

Now go to UNDSS to register

When ready, you write down your temporary email address or open a new browser window and go to the UNDSS registration page

If you already have a UNDSS TRIP registration

If you already have access to UNDSS TRIP due to an ongoing or prior UN contract, you can apply for the DSS TRIP clearance using your existing account.

The registration via the “” temporary email should only be used for travels prior to the assignment start date.

Once you start your assignment you should register in UNDSS using your official UN email address for all future UN business travel.

All volunteers are responsible for keeping their DSS information up to date during their assignments.

If you are a first time user, click Register. 

Complete the UNDSS registration form

Follow the instructions provided by UNDSS to register.

Make sure you use your temporary UN email address to register. It is best to type the email address directly into the UNDSS form instead of copy and paste.

Use your temporary address

Click Register

When you've entered your email address, first name and last name, click Register.

UNDSS registration verification

The verification code that is generated when you click 'Register' will be automatically forwarded to the email address you registered in your UVP profile.

Please allow up to 2 hours and check your spam folder if you do not receive this email.

Log in to your email and click the link

Log in to your email account (the one in your UVP profile), click on the “confirmation link” to proceed with your registration

This link will take you to the UNDSS registration page again, with a green highlighted note indicating you will receive another email soon.

Invitation to access UN Applications with a Microsoft Account

Go to your personal inbox again to accept the invitation to access UN Applications and enable log in access.

Enter your temporary password

Once you click the invitation, it will take you to unite Microsoft page to enter your email address and password.

This password was sent to you from with “Security Clearance” subject line when you accepted the offer letter.

Personalise your password

Once you correctly entered the temporary password, the system will ask you to change your password with a more personalized one. Click sign-in once you enter your new password.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget this password!

Please keep this password somewhere safe, as you will not be able to use the “forgot my password” option and you will need it next time you want to log in UNDSS. The loss of password may cause serious delays for your contract generation.

Choose 'yes'

To confirm you want to stay signed in.