Submit banking information

Author: Julia

Updated: 3 years ago

Submit banking information

After accepting the offer, you can submit to UNV your banking information for the processing of your financial UNV entitlements.

Log into your account

Click on this task to begin

Click complete

UVP will take you to the banking information page.

Click on 'Add bank account'

Complete the fields on the form page

Please make sure that all details are entered correctly.

Indicate the percentage of your living allowance as 100%

After you begin your UNV assignment, you will have a possibility to split the volunteer living allowance between two bank accounts, e.g. a bank account in your country and another account in the country of your UNV assignment, should you decide to open one after your arrival at the duty station.

Click 'Add bank account'

Verify your bank details

Inaccurate or incomplete bank information can result in delays in processing.

Click submit

Click complete

To submit your banking information to UNV.

You banking information has been submitted.

UNV will process and be in touch if clarification is needed.