Volunteer checklist

Author: Trainer L

Updated: 2 years ago

Completing an end of assignment checklist

This guide takes you through the steps to complete your end of assignment checklist. The checklist is your personal, legal statement of your status and intentions as you approach the end of your UN Volunteer assignment.

Let's see how it's done.

First, click the task

If you're on your UVP dashboard, click the 'Complete final checklist' task to begin.

This opens the info panel

Here you can see the information about the task and links to relevant information.

Click 'Complete'

This takes you to your assignment detail page where you can complete the task.

Click complete

Now that you're on the assignment details page, you can click this green, 'Complete' button to open the checklist.


This box explains the purpose of the checklist and its place in the overall process.

Your assignment details

This shows the details about your current UN Volunteer assignment. This information is not editable.

Host entity checkbox

Tick this box to confirm you have nothing outstanding with your host entity.