Volunteer How to request a payment

Author: Manfred Klee

Updated: 2 years ago

How to request a payment as a serving UN Volunteer.

Serving UN Volunteers are entitled to request payments related to their service, whenever covered by the UNV Conditions of Service.

To do so, go to the Assignments tab.

Click on your assignment to open it.

When in the Assignment Details page, click on Request Payment.

Fill out the required information in the form. 

Select the type of payment related to your request from the dropdown menu. 

Fill out the other fields, such as the claimed amount, the currency, and other information.

The more information and the clearer it is, the easier it is to review the request. If any information is unclear, or not supported by a clear document, the request may be returned to you, causing delays in the processing of the payment.

Upload documents to your request by using this function. 

Again, make sure the correct document, or documents, are uploaded, such as the invoice or invoices. This will make it easier and faster for your request to be reviewed.

Payment requests cannot be processed without a supporting document!

To upload your document first choose the file and then click on upload.

Required supporting documents when requesting payments. 

Please keep in mind that different payment requests have different requirements in regards to supporting documents.

A supporting document is mandatory in order for your payment request to be reviewed.

Finally, request your payment!

Should your payment request be returned, you will receive a new task to amend it and make the necessary changes.

This is also communicated to you via email. You can resubmit your request via this task by taking the same steps again.

Additionally, by visiting your assignment page and scrolling to the payments section, you can see the status of current open requests, and past confirmed or rejected ones. 

You can also click on each entry to open it and see more details about it.